Why You Need In-Feed Native Ads

A great company is always developing new products to help our clients reach more of their target audience and to get more out of their online efforts.

One of our newest products, called In-Feed, delivers highly targeted intent-based native ads. The platform uses proprietary technology to look at real user intent to understand exactly what each visitor is looking for.

In-Feed is an advanced solution that uses machine learning tech to really understand users and know what ads will best appeal to them. It quickly analyzes data to turn it into actionable insights so that only the best native ads are delivered.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need In-Feed native ads in your advertising strategy:

Evade Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are an epidemic.

In 2016, nearly 70 million people had an ad blocker installed on their desktop computer or on one of their mobile devices. Many of those people had ad blockers installed on multiple devices. The number increased more than 34 percent over the previous year.

In 2017, nearly 87 million people are expected to have the software installed on one or more of their devices. That’s an increase of 24 percent.

Ad blockers make it so that people don’t even see ads. It doesn’t matter how well-designed ads are or how compelling they are, target audiences will never know. Ad blockers are costing brands billions of dollars every year, and they aren’t going anywhere.

To gain revenue, ad blockers must be avoided, and using native advertising is one of the most effective ways to do so. Since native ads look identical to editorial content, ad blockers are less likely to flag them. Since In-Feed delivers highly targeted ads that preserve the user experience, it is also less likely to trigger ad blockers.

Get Better Targeting

Facebook is often cited for its amazing targeting options. You can choose from thousands of options when deciding what type of people will see your ads.

With In-Feed, these kinds of targeting options are not necessary. An advanced technology chooses them– in a sense. The system runs an analysis of each user group together with site and trending data. Users will feel like a page is reading their minds by showing them the exact ads they want to see. That means that they will also be more likely to act on the ads, creating more sales and conversions.

Stronger Performance

With In-Feed, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money on split testing to determine which ads will get the best results. The right ad is selected for the right user through the complex, user-intent algorithms. The right placement with the right user ensures that the maximum impact for every ad dollar spent.

Automatically Adapt

Mobile devices have made it necessary to adapt content for all kinds of different users.

A blog post appears much differently on a desktop computer, a smart phone, and a tablet. It even appears differently on different smart phones.

The same is true for ads. You can’t expect all ads to show up the same on all devices, which means that they won’t always be effective.

In-Feed automatically adapts so that it shows ads correctly based on the device being used. Video, images, and content are scaled appropriately and are easy to watch or read.

Some tool goes a step further by choosing the appropriate ad for the device. For example, even though a video may fit on a mobile screen, it may take too much time to load, which means it is better suited for a desktop device.

In-Feed runs multiple calculations to make sure that every aspect of an ad is ideal for the device being used so that the user experience is preserved.

Get Flexible Formats

In-Feed also uses a variety of formats to ensure that ads can be placed anywhere on the page.

Popular placements include: within a gallery, at the end of an article, within a list, on the home page, on the side bar, and within an article.

By using different formats, some tool ensures the best placements and highest levels of ad exposure.


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