Tweet Like a Pro in 5 Simple Steps

Twitter is a great platform for connecting with your audience.

There are millions of users on Twitter, and the number is growing every day. Celebrities, politicians and other high-profile people show what’s possible on the platform everyday by attracting millions of followers of their own and getting viral coverage for just one tweet under 140 characters.

Just 140 characters.

It’s deceptively simple. It seems like it should be easy to come up with something funny and interesting in such a short space, but it can actually be quite difficult. And even if you say something really clever or ingenious, you still have to make sure that people see it.

Here’s how you can tweet like a pro in 5 simple steps and get the engagement you want from the platform:

Tweet at the Right Times

It seems obvious that you shouldn’t tweet at 5 a.m. No one will be awake to see what you have to say!

But what are the times that your audience will be most likely to see your tweets?

You need to know this if you want to make an impact.

A study by Buffer showed that the tweets that earned the most clicks on average were sent between 2 and 3 a.m. That may be surprising considering that most of the people in the United States are asleep at that time. However, these are worldwide numbers, and it’s important to remember that everyone is on a different time zone.

The study also showed that twee volume is the highest between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. but that those tweets get the lowest clicks. The reason may be that more people are working during those times and not engaging with tweets, or it may be that tweets get lost in the crowd with so much activity.

What’s important is to find the time that your particular tweets perform best, and the only way to do that is through testing. Run your own tests to see what time periods result in the most clicks and engagement. Be sure to use the same tweets or similar kind of tweets to ensure consistency in the results.

Tweet Often

Even if you find that a particular time of day gets the most engagement, you’ll still have followers on the site at other times.

Make sure you are tweeting multiple times a day, and don’t be afraid to tweet the same content. You can change it up slightly with wording or attachments, but it’s ok to tweet the same info for followers who may have missed it the first time.

Also be sure to tweet older or evergreen content to get exposure with new readers.

Include Hashtags

Hashtags help your tweets get seen.

These keyword tags help others find the content that interests them, and it helps you get exposure with people who aren’t even following you.

If you use a trending hashtag, you can also become part of a popular conversation and get even more exposure.

Just be careful not to overdo it with the hashtags. No one likes to read a tweet that is mostly hashtag, and no one likes to read a long hashtag that should be a sentence. Stick with just a couple of hashtags that are just one or two words long.

Include Visual Content

Twitter is mostly about those 140 characters of text, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include visuals to spruce up your content.

You can attach a photo, video or gif through Twitter, or you can include a link to an offsite visual, including an infographic.

Use images that are 1024 x 512 px for optimal impact, and remember that attaching a photo takes up 22 of your 140 characters. (Twitter will soon be removing that character liability, however.) You can upload up to four images without using any more characters.

Tweets that have visual attachments get more engagement than those that don’t, so think carefully about how you can add them to your content.

Include a Link or Call to Action

The ultimate goal of any kind of marketing is to get your audience to visit your site and buy your products and services.

Your audience will rarely do that on its own.

You need to include a link to your website or landing page, and you need to include a call to action. You might include a link to a relevant blog post with a call to read it. Or you might share a link to a useful product and describe why your audience should buy it.

Your calls to action don’t have to be so commercial every time, but you shouldn’t shy away from these either. Just include a mix so that you don’t alienate your followers.

Twitter is a powerful platform if you use it correctly. Use these tips, and you’ll soon be tweeting like a pro and getting the results you need from the site.

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