Top Tools to Help You Find Amazing Content

Content curation is just as important as content creation.

By curating content, you can make your site or your social media feed an important resource for your readers. They will learn to come to you for the top content, even if it is not the content you have created yourself.

You can also use content curation to find out about the hottest topics and to get ideas for your own content. You may want to write an editorial about a trending topic, or you may write a response piece that has an opposing opinion.

Finally, curating content helps you to create a fresh supply of content on your own page and feed, helping you to boost your SEO and get more exposure in the SERPs.

Now, how do you curate content?

You can go to the dozens of sites that you deem relevant to your niche every day, or you can use an effective content curation tool that puts all the information you need together in one place.

Here are our picks for the top tools to find amazing content to share with your readers:

Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon had a moment in the sun when everyone was using it – primarily to try to promote their content.

Though it hasn’t been promoted as heavily as it once was, it still has an active user base that shares plenty of content. You can use it to find interesting, valuable content in your niche or in related niches.

You customize your feed by choosing a few interests, and Stumble Upon shows you the relevant content. It’s a great platform for finding content to share or for getting a better idea of what your competitors are creating.


Reddit is a giant message forum that has been segmented into highly specialized subreddits.

Sign up and subscribe to the subreddits that are relevant to your interests. You may find that there are hundreds of options relevant to you, so you’ll need to narrow them down to the most pertinent and the most active.

Within each subreddit, users share content and then vote on the best. This is useful for you since you know that the content that appears at the top has been deemed the most interesting to users and will likely be most interesting to your readers.

You can also use Reddit to share your own content. Just make sure you’re sharing it in the right location so it gets the exposure it needs.


If you prefer an app for your content curation, Nuzzel is a good choice.

Nuzzel connects to your feed on Twitter, and it pulls content from the people you follow. That means that you’ll need to follow the right people if you want to get the most from this app. You don’t have to be active – you just have to follow the right people.

Nuzzel also shows you content from the people who follow those users, so you get access to a wide range of content.


Digg is another service that had a moment around the same time as Stumble Upon. It works similarly, sharing content from around the web.

The difference between Digg and Stumble Upon is that Digg shares content that has gotten the most shares and other user engagement, rather than sharing what users submit.

If you put the Digg widget on your site, users can also upvote your content so that it appears higher on the site, helping you to get more exposure.

Google Alerts

Google is a great resource for just about everything.

You can use Google Alerts to find out about the newest content being shared with whatever keyword you choose. You’ll have to set up an alert with each keyword you want to track, and then you can get notices as they happen, daily, or another time you select.

Not everything you get will be pertinent, but this method is a great way to track what is being published as it occurs.


Pocket lets you save content that you want to curate, giving you the time you need to read everything that you find and to organize it for later use.

You can filter content using the “recommendations” feature and find more interesting copy. You can also dip back into saved content to reshare it when relevant.

Pocket is an app, and it used to be known as Read It Later. It is one of the most valuable tools available for content curation.

These and other tools can help you find all the information that is of interest to your audience, either giving you useful information to share or giving you ideas for your own content. Start using these tools to curate and share content your audience wants and establish yourself as a valuable resource within your niche.

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