Top B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing can be just as important for a B2B brand as it is for a traditional B2C brand. You just have to make some adjustments in your strategy.

Not all brands that you might be targeting are on the same channels as traditional customers, and they certainly don’t respond to the same marketing tactics. You need to know your audience well and research what strategies work and what strategies don’t.

If anything, knowing which strategies to avoid can help you minimize costly mistakes. Here are a few top B2B social media marketing mistakes we see that you should try to avoid:

Focusing on the Wrong Channels

Sure, Snapchat might be the new, big thing, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to reach business clients on the channel.

It is important that you do your research to find out where the types of brands you are targeting are spending most of their time on social media. If you have limited time or resources for your social media marketing efforts, you will want to focus on the channels that have the best following.

Facebook is a good choice for most B2B brands because it has approximately 1.65 billion active users. Users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on the site, and the most popular times are Wednesday through Friday from noon to 4 p.m. Those are the perfect times for you to target businesses.

Failing to Reshare Content

You know that you need to share content on your social media channels to gain traction. However, you may find it hard to constantly come up with fresh content to keep up with the posting demands for each channel.

The good news is that you don’t have to. And you probably shouldn’t.

You can reshare content from your blog, your social media channels, your email campaign and more. You can either share older content that has not been seen in a while, or you can repurpose content. For example, you can turn a written blog post into a video blog or a series of graphics.

Be sure to add photos, videos or graphics to your social media posts, even if they were not included with the original content. Posts with these visuals will get more clicks and more visibility.

Not Including Video

B2B brands have traditionally been resistant to video.

Most viral videos are of people doing foolish things or being a lot more daring than what most B2B brands are comfortable with. However, that doesn’t mean that video is not worthwhile or that B2B brands should avoid it.

In fact, video is one of the best ways to reach people on social media. You can make video that is appropriate to your genre, such as tutorials, expert interviews, product demonstrations and more.

Don’t overlook the use of live video, which is now on Facebook. Live video can provide a more immediate connection with your followers and encourage user engagement. That can help you to build customer loyalty and to attract new followers, creating more brand awareness.

Overlooking Paid Opportunities

It is only going to get harder to get organic reach on social media as we move forward.

You can already see this on Facebook, which has continued to throttle its algorithm so that people see fewer posts from the pages that they follow. In order to get that exposure, you have to pay to promote posts or buy ads.

Not only does paying for opportunities on social media get you more exposure, but it also allows you to focus your efforts. You can select the specific demographics for who you want to see your ads, ensuring that you only reach the people who are most likely to buy your products or services.

Facebook has the most options for targeting, but all social media channels allow you to select your demographics when paying for ads.

Separating Social Media and SEO

Social media is not a goal unto itself. Social media can be an important part of your overall SEO strategy.

You can get a lot of referral traffic from your social media channels by sharing links to your blog posts, product pages and more. You can also run special promotions just for social media, such as discounts that lead back to a specific landing page or a contest.

The more traffic you get from any source, the higher your page authority will be and the more visible you will be in organic search results.

Social indicators can also contribute to your page authority, such as the number of likes or followers you have and the amount of user engagement you have on the page. The impact is not great, but it’s enough not to be overlooked.

Avoid these top mistakes for social media marketing and you will start getting the results you need on these sites.

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