Tips for Getting Results from 360-Degree Videos

Once upon a time, having a video on your website at all was considered cutting edge.

Then YouTube came along and made it easy for everyone to upload and share videos, no matter what budget they had for web design or hosting.

After a while, Vine came along and showed us how engaging videos that were less than six seconds could be.

Facebook got in on the game and made it possible for everyone to broadcast their thoughts live. You don’t need to be a news broadcaster or a major company to cover events live or to create real-time webinars.

Now, technology has emerged that makes it possible for everyone to produce 360-degree videos, which allow viewers to become immersed in the virtual world and to feel like they are there with you in person. Here are some tips for how to create these videos and to use them effectively:

Set Your Intentions

You need to not only have a goal for producing 360-degree videos, but you also need to understand why this format would be necessary for helping you reach these goals.

Say you want to increase brand exposure. Producing this new format of video can help you get it by positioning yourself as a leader in new technologies. However, that doesn’t mean that every video you make follows this format. You must make sure that your video is served by this format and made better.

Define specific and measurable goals for your video strategy, and then identify which videos would best be created in the 360-degree format. By setting your goals at the beginning, you will have a guiding vision when you create your videos and your publication strategy.

Allow for Longer Planning Time

To make them right, you need to spend more time when creating 360-degree videos. You shouldn’t create your plan with the expectation to put out the video next week.

You really need to think through all the angles of the video and how the final product presents your message, similar to how a movie director would plan a film. You may have a shorter time frame than a movie director, but you will still be dealing with a lot more moving parts than the typical marketing video.

Spend some time planning the script, a shot-by-shot story board, the setting, the props, and so on. Even if you are going for an impromptu look and feel, you’ll still need to plan the logistics for how the video will be shot on location and how it will affect the people and action involved.

Plan your video strategy at least quarterly, and give yourself plenty of time to produce videos to get the highest quality.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Video is a powerful visual medium, so the quality of your visuals is essential to the success of your videos.

With a 360-degree video, the visuals are even more important. Even minor mistakes can make your video seem amateur, bringing down your brand image and hurting the user experience.

By hiring a professional, you ensure the highest quality for your videos. The shots will be just right, the focus and color will be just right, and the sequencing will be just right. Users will be able to tell the difference between an amateur video and one that’s been produced professionally, and they will appreciate the latter more than the former.

You might spend a little more by hiring a professional to make your videos, but you’ll get back much more in leads and sales, as well as the intangible increased value of an improved brand image.

Create a Sharing Plan

Get as much exposure for your new videos as you can by creating an effective sharing plan.

Don’t share your videos on just your website. Make sure you share them on the right social media channels, as well. Not every social network supports the 360-degree format. Right now, your choices are limited to Facebook, YouTube and Google Cardboard.

Sharing your video on YouTube will likely get you the most exposure. People can share the YouTube link even on those channels that won’t play the 360-degree video directly.

Promote your videos through your website, your email list, and all your social networks. You may even consider video ads on sites that will support the format. The novel technology will surely capture attention and will draw viewers in.

This new video format creates an immersive experience that will engage viewers like no other video has had the potential to do. Take full advantage of the potential that this technology offers by planning them out carefully and hiring a professional where possible to shoot them. Then develop a strategic sharing plan so that you get the most exposure with your target audience. You’ll quickly increase your brand exposure and generate more conversions, including both sales and leads.

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