Take Charge of Your Brand Personality on Social Media

Social media is all about personality.

If you’re an individual, that’s easy. You share some pithy updates, talk about the shows and books you like, exchange banter with friends, and post a few memes and videos you like.

If you’re a brand, it’s not so easy. You are there for a reason: To promote your website, your products or your services. Unless you have a fun, quirky offering that appeals to millennials, there’s not often a lot of room for showing off a personality. And how do you define the personality of a faceless entity anyway?

Granted, it may take a little more creative thinking to define and showcase your brand personality, but it can be done – and it should be done. By showing off a brand personality, you will attract more followers and engage more of your users.

Here are a few things you can do to take charge of your brand personality on social media:

Share Knowledge

You don’t have to be cracking jokes and telling anecdotes to be showing off a personality. Sharing your knowledge will give you a chance to engage users while also providing them with useful information.

An easy way to engage and inform is to host question-and-answer sessions through Twitter chats, group conversations on Facebook and LinkedIn, or even through Facebook Live. You can answer the real questions that users have, providing them with real tips and solutions. At the same time, the way you answer and your conversational style helps to define your brand personality.

You can also share online tutorials, interview experts or leading figures in your field, or provide a product demonstration. The key is to have a little fun with it while also providing useful information. You will entertain and inform at the same time.

Provide a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

What better way to show off your brand personality than to show customers a look at what your team is like in the office?

Share videos of employees goofing off together while they are filming a tutorial, or show them during a brainstorming session for what becomes the next product you are about to launch.

Upload pictures of employees during appreciation days or company luncheons with their family.

If you want to really have fun with it, you can share videos of them interviewing each other, or you could even shoot a spoof documentary in the style of “The Office.”

Share photos, videos, funny captions, entertaining anecdotes and more to give a sense of what your employees are like and what the environment is like around the office.

Toot Your Own Horn

Celebrating your own successes is another way to give a glimpse behind the scenes at your company, as well as to show your audience what you are doing well.

Share with your audience whenever your company, your staff or your products win awards. Post whenever your company or individual employees will attend conferences or seminars, or whenever leaders in your company are speaking at industry events.

Don’t forget to post when you hire new employees or even when employees get promoted to key positions. Doing so shows that your company is growing and is committed to hiring and promoting the best talent. Sharing this information also makes your company seem more attractive to future candidates, which can help you get the best employees for your team.

Build Relationships

Social media is all about relationship building.

Everything you do on networks from Snapchat to Facebook should be about encouraging user engagement and building brand loyalty. Even if you are showing off your brand personality, you should do so as part of a conversation within the larger framework of building relationships.

One easy way you can build relationships is to share success stories with your customers and your business partners. Post when a customer does something great with your product or has a big win thanks to your service. Share when a partner or supplier introduces a great new product or has a special promo going.

By sharing these kinds of stories, you show that you care about more than just blasting your audience with info about what you have to sell. You show that you care about the relationship you have with your customers, as well as your business partners.

Sharing these stories also encourages your customers and partners to share stories about your brand, which helps you get more exposure in the long term and more name recognition. Engaged customers become brand ambassadors, and this is just one of many ways to make them engaged.

Social media is a great tool for connecting with audiences of all kinds. Make sure you are making the most out of it by establishing your brand personality and increasing user engagement. You’ll reap long-term benefits for long-term success.

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