Marketers Valley proudly to present you the top marketing influencers comparison post. In this article, it will be between Seth Godin vs. Neil Patel. Thought Leader Seth Godin Even he is better known as the ultimate entrepreneur for the information age, Seth Gordin is a thought leader that written over 17 books, […]

Frank Cowell is the president of a digital brand strategy agency, Elevator, and one of today’s most influential thought leaders. He also wears many hats, serving as CEO, CMO, and vice president of marketing. Franks is well known for creating outstanding brand experiences and gathering huge amounts of inbound leads. […]

Google places a priority on high-quality content. These are blog posts, articles, and pages that are not only well-written but that also explore a topic in-depth, providing useful figures, statistics, illustrations, and other data to support the argument. Longer pieces and those that have plenty of supporting evidence and citations […]

LinkedIn continues to be a great platform for businesses who want to establish themselves as market leaders and authorities in their niche. The network is a bit more “serious” than other social networks, where people can share stories about their weekend shenanigans or post pithy updates. Everyone on LinkedIn is […]

Scott Brinker is one of the most influential thought leaders in today’s era. He is also serving as Vice-President in Ecosystem for HubSpot and the author of “Hacking Marketing” Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Digital Strategist Scott is known for his brilliant ideas in the field of digital strategy as […]

Being both co-founder and strategic director of Orbit Media, Andy Crestodina made himself to one of the top thought leaders in today’s digital era. Moreover, he awarded with a 38-person digital agency in Chicago. Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Content Marketing And Ethical Digital Marketing In Andy’s early career, he […]

Known as both co-founder and CEO of a famous website called, Patrick Ambron is considered as one of the successful thought leaders. His website aims to help users to clean, protect, improve their reputation and privacy. Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Entrepreneurship Patrick and his fellow friends created a […]

Marcus Sheridan is the most unique thought leader. With his exceptional talent to motivate and encourage audiences, he is now one of the most influential keynote speakers. Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Public Speaking Marcus is an international keynote speaker that helps thousands of business with their goals and milestones. […]

Pam Dyer Hughes or better known as Pam Hughes is one of most influential thought leaders as her Twitter is recognized as a trove of treasures in the social media field. Moreover, Forbes ranked her as one of the top social influencers. Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Branding And Marketing Expert […]

Known as one of the most influential keynote speaker, author, and strategy consultant, Mark Schaefer is always one step ahead when it comes to marketing trends. Mark was involved with tons of gigantic companies and presented many memorable workshops and programs. Social Accounts Twitter Linkedin Expertise Blogging Even though Mark […]