Content marketing should be a cornerstone of your online marketing efforts, but many brands have a hard time finding success with it. A big reason for this is likely that the content isn’t connecting with readers. Most marketers write content like it’s sales copy – because their primary purpose is […]

As a marketer, you know all about SEO and its importance. You have a content marketing game plan, and you’re all over social media. You’ve reached out to thought leaders in your niche, and you’ve started to build partnerships and create quality links to your site. But all of this […]

Location-based marketing was a big thing when it was introduced. Suddenly, everyone started checking in on FourSquare to announce when they were seeing great bands performing live or even when they were just getting their morning coffee. In the beginning, people had to open apps and search for their location […]

Pinterest was a juggernaut right out of the gate. It hit the scene, and it took off. Users flocked to the novel site, which allowed them to explore content through visual pins and to save ideas for everything from what to cook for dinner to the next vacation to take. […]

Snapchat is a growing player on the social media marketing scene, but few brands really understand how to use it to great effect. They don’t know what to make of the puppy dog filters or the disappearing messages. They don’t get the lingo, and they don’t really understand how to […]

Hashtags started as a kind of slang on social media. They were little labels that were tacked onto statuses to make a quick, funny point that you couldn’t make in the same way by spelling it out. Over time, they evolved. They became essential marketing tools that could promote a […]