Facebook continues to be one of the most important channels for marketers to reach their audiences. It has almost 2 billion active users, and they include people of all ages, races, languages, income and education levels. But you can’t just start a Facebook profile and make some posts and expect […]

LinkedIn is no longer the novelty social media channel that we all signed up for without really knowing what to do with it. Over time, the sleeper social network has proven that it’s a real player. Brands are using it to connect with customers, build partnerships and increase sales. Individuals […]

LinkedIn continues to be a great platform for businesses who want to establish themselves as market leaders and authorities in their niche. The network is a bit more “serious” than other social networks, where people can share stories about their weekend shenanigans or post pithy updates. Everyone on LinkedIn is […]

Pinterest was a juggernaut right out of the gate. It hit the scene, and it took off. Users flocked to the novel site, which allowed them to explore content through visual pins and to save ideas for everything from what to cook for dinner to the next vacation to take. […]