With Google’s Hummingbird update a few years ago, many search marketers have predicted the death of keywords. Now, sites are evaluated based on their topical relevance instead of how they use particular keywords. However, just as with other aspects of search engine optimization that have been met with grim forecasts, […]

Being great isn’t enough. You also need others to recognize that you are great. Think of it like this: You might be just as likable and fun as the head cheerleader, but you won’t be as popular as she is unless everyone else recognizes your quality and spreads the word. […]

Google has never confirmed that click-through rates for your organic search results lead to higher site rankings in those results later. However, there is a lot that Google hasn’t confirmed that we know to be true, and Google continues to be secretive about just how its algorithm operates. Search marketing […]

Search engine optimization is not what it used to be. You can’t just do your keyword research and plug those words into your content anymore. You can’t get a bunch of backlinks by guest posting or signing up for link farms. Things are a lot more complicated. That’s good for […]

Your website’s loading speed is becoming an increasingly important factor in its ranking in search results. The faster your site’s speed, the better the user experience. The better the user experience, the higher Google will rank your site. Market research has shown us that 47 percent of consumers expect website […]

Performing an SEO audit can be a useful way to better understand what your site needs so that you know what changes to make to meet your goals. You can also perform an SEO audit to send to a potential client and solicit business. However, performing an SEO audit can […]