Once upon a time, we had the Google Webmaster Tools to help us manage our websites and search engine optimization. But like everything concerning SEO, those tools have evolved, and they are now known as the Google Search Console. In fact, the Search Console has become far more useful than […]

You’ve been hearing it for years: Fresh content is influencing Google rankings. But just what does that mean? What exactly is “fresh content?” How often does content have to be posted to be considered fresh? How long does it stay fresh? Does it have to be brand-new content? The answer […]

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for any webmaster, providing information about the number of visitors, the most popular pages, and more so that people better understand how their marketing strategies are working (or not). But you have to know how to use Google Analytics to get the right insights. […]

Google places a priority on high-quality content. These are blog posts, articles, and pages that are not only well-written but that also explore a topic in-depth, providing useful figures, statistics, illustrations, and other data to support the argument. Longer pieces and those that have plenty of supporting evidence and citations […]