Haven’t heard of Baidu? We don’t blame you. Unless you’re a Chinese citizen or a really, really committed marketer who is constantly researching every last detail about the digital marketing landscape, you are unlikely to have heard of the site. Baidu is a Chinese “web services company” that offers nearly […]

Google launched its Advanced Mobile Pages, or AMP, early last year. When it did, AMP was seen as a bit of a novelty. Some brands started using it to see if it gave them a boost in mobile, but others were intimidated by the coding required by the platform. Since […]

Mobile marketing requires a different mindset. Not only does mobile content appear differently on smaller devices, but mobile users also behave differently when using these devices. You have to modify both the design of your site and your strategy when you are targeting mobile users. Making mobile a priority will […]

Mobile advertising and marketing is the next big frontier for online marketing. The use of mobile devices is growing rapidly, and more people are using these devices to access information online than they are using personal computers. When you develop your mobile advertising strategy, you have to do more than […]

More than half of the people who visit a mobile page say that they will leave it if the page takes longer than three seconds to load. Yet Google says that the average mobile page takes 22 seconds to load. See the problem? Speed is just one of the many […]