As a marketer, you know all about SEO and its importance. You have a content marketing game plan, and you’re all over social media. You’ve reached out to thought leaders in your niche, and you’ve started to build partnerships and create quality links to your site. But all of this […]

Google places a priority on high-quality content. These are blog posts, articles, and pages that are not only well-written but that also explore a topic in-depth, providing useful figures, statistics, illustrations, and other data to support the argument. Longer pieces and those that have plenty of supporting evidence and citations […]

Quality content should be at the center of your online marketing, but it can be difficult to come up with great ideas for new content day after day. Looking at your competition is a great way to come up with new content. You can either get inspiration for your own […]

Quality content will help you connect with your audience and build relationships, but no one is going to read your content if they don’t get past the headline first. Think of your headline like the cover on a book: If the cover is uninspiring, not very many people are going […]

Being great isn’t enough. You also need others to recognize that you are great. Think of it like this: You might be just as likable and fun as the head cheerleader, but you won’t be as popular as she is unless everyone else recognizes your quality and spreads the word. […]

Today’s marketing lesson: Site structure. Content may be king, but the design of your site can have an even bigger impact on how your site ranks in search results and how well it keeps visitors on the page when they first click. Your site design and structure can make it […]

You have many options for content marketing. The classic choice is to create a blog and to post new content regularly. Or to write blog posts and articles to publish on other sites to send traffic back to your own. Video and podcasts introduced some new options. With them you […]

Online marketing is not so much a science as an art. And the art of online marketing requires putting a lot of colors on your palette and mastering them all. As a marketing artist, you also need to know how to reinvent and recreate your vision for new audiences. Georgia […]