RPA Vs. Amazon: Does Retrain Workers It’s Automating Out of Jobs Works?

RPA has changed the digital companies by storm, giving huge benefits while causing massive job loss in other places. Latest news claimed the gigantic company, Amazon, plans to keep job workers despite its investment in automation.

Amazon Wants To Retrain Workers from Losing Their Jobs

The report claimed that Amazon new projects called Upskilling 2025 initiative, aimed to spend over $700 million to help one-third of U.S workers or over 100,000 employees from losing their job. However, many experts suggested that claim is too go to be true.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this project is considered as the biggest retraining initiatives that have been proposed. Moreover, this mission will also support another fee for employees, including classes, fund pilot programs, tuition, and more

Amazon said that the work process of this country is changing. And it needs for technical skills in companies and world place are greater than ever before. If you carefully translated it, it could mean the automaton will soon take your job, you need to step or else you will be out of the picture.

Does it Even Work?

As the world watch, it happens, when the biggest internet dealer makes a comprehensive, headline-recording announcement, they all have at least as many questions as responses. The first of them is will it even work.

Keep in mind that the answer is really important. This is because the word “retrain worker” is the most common phrase that you can hear from business leaders and politicians. However, the result always ended badly with more job loss and protest in the past years.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The automation of robotic processes or Robotic Process Automation has tripled its manufacturing for fundamental apps, just like your workers can do. Moreover, it can be considered as a workflow with many steps and apps can be taught to the software robot.

RPA can handle complicated procedures. This includes managing forms, sending a return signal, checking the completeness of the form, filling the form in a folder, and updating a spreadsheet. Also, its solution software aims to decrease the burden on the staff of repeated, easy duties.

RPA is created to help and ease functions and activities that require a huge amount of time and effort. Compared to the old automation that only focuses on managing one part of the process, limiting the growth and cut cost.


In other words, this is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software and high-volume learning capacities. In other words, it can accomplish repeatable duties that humans had earlier to do.


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