RPA 2019 Update: NICE Says Employees are Ready to Embrace Automation Tech

The new survey of NICE claimed that employees nowadays are ready to embrace the implementation of RPA. However, there are still issues that will an answer which is job loss.

NICE Claims That Workers Are Accepting RPA

As part of the world’s leading cloud enterprise software solution provider, NICE said in its report that workers are embracing the automation in their workplace. Moreover, these people are willing to use RPA tools for improving their working experience while giving better customer service.

To be precise, the report claimed that employees from the US and UK, over 2,000 workers, agree and accept what automation can do and change. This solution firm started the study to examine the effect of RPA alternatives on both the customer-facing and the back-to-back offices of staff of today.

Replacing the Need for Repetition

One interesting that stand out from NICE’s new study is that more than half of all the workers are doing repetitive tasks. The numbers are high as 50 percent. As we all know, with that percentage, most workers will get frustrated at the end of the day, leading poor results, production, environment, and more.

Another group, on the other hand, 75 percent of their workload is repetitive tasks. In other words, this research suggested that people are realizing the benefits of automation. Still, companies luck the action to pursue the technology.

In the present, top companies around the world realized the importance of letting their team do more strategic work rather doing repetitive staffs. They also accepted that when a company finally adoption robotic process automation, their workers can have more time doing high-value tasks, resulting in better sales and production.

The NICE study also found that information was entered in the company setting. It states that this can lead to fresh and advanced chances of providing better customer service.

However, acting on that information alone is not practical. This is because 33 percent of participants said they want to automate the system information collection process.

On the other side, 28 percent said that they want the form filling automatically. The remaining 26 percent stated they automated the information accuracy checking process.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The automation of robotic processes or Robotic Process Automation has tripled its manufacturing for fundamental apps, just like your workers can do. Moreover, it can be considered as a workflow with many steps and apps can be taught to the software robot.

RPA can handle complicated procedures. These include managing forms, sending a return signal, checking the completeness of the form, filling the form in a folder. It can also update a spreadsheet with the form title, the date submitted, and more. Also, its solution software aims to decrease the burden on the staff of repeated, easy duties.

RPA is created to help and ease functions and activities that require a huge amount of time and effort. Compared to the old automation that only focuses on managing one part of the process, limiting the growth and cut cost.


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