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Pam Dyer Hughes or better known as Pam Hughes is one of most influential thought leaders as her Twitter is recognized as a trove of treasures in the social media field. Moreover, Forbes ranked her as one of the top social influencers.

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  • Branding And Marketing Expert

Even though Pam is a well-known marketing leader that comes up with advanced strategy, she is also famous with her work in the ground of branding, audience engagement, marketing awareness, and many more. She helped a couple of companies with their branding platform which ended with superb results.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Editing
  • Content Marketing


In Pam’s early career, she worked as marketing director for Northwest Nexus. During her service there, she led the company in all consumer and SMB marketing activities.

Pam Hughes pioneered the regional internet service provider which made Northwest Nexus revenues grown by 345%. She also builds brilliant marketing strategies that turn the company from technology focused-based to a market-focused one.

After working with NameNorthwest Nexus for many years, the company was ranked in the top list of Puget Sound Business Journal for the fastest growing company in Washington.

Milestones in life

  • Agile Alliance

In 2015, Agile Alliance decided to employ Pam as Marketing Chief which she leads all marketing initiatives in a short amount of time. Moreover, the company has memorable events that dedicated to new methods that help people to succeed.

  • Accenture

In the year 2010, Pam worked for the company named Accenture as a Marketing Director. During her service, Pam founded and led top marketing team that created and launched new products and branding.

With only four years of service, Accenture grew into one of the largest Agile consultancies in the United States of America. This criterion was measured by the total number of clients, employees, revenue, brand, etc.

  • Winstar Communications

In 1999, after leaving Northwest Nexus for Winstar Communications, Pam worked as the Marketing Director, which she leads the development and implementation activity. Additionally, she created a program that integrates internal communication to streamline collaboration. As a result, it tripled the company’s revenue.



There is little known about Pam Hughes personal life, let alone hobbies. But it seems that loves creating and inventing a new method for marketing.

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