Pinterest is a great way to get your brand noticed online. After all, the world’s 14th largest social network boasts around 454 million active monthly users. Brands looking to boost performance on Pinterest should be keeping Pinterest image sizes in mind. Certain image sizes are more likely to catch the […]

It used to be that a handful of media companies with deep pockets owned and controlled the industry. These conglomerates had complete control of the information and entertainment we consumed.  The digital age has completely overturned the industry.  Now, anyone with a computer and camera and an exciting take on […]

For dog lovers, the idea of starting a dog breeding business may seem like a natural fit. This type of business pretty much requires someone who has an appreciation and affection for dogs, as they will be spending a lot of time together. However, dog breeding sometimes is a difficult […]

Your sales team has just asked you to hop on a call in 30 minutes with a new prospect, ClowdFyre. Not wanting to sound like an idiot, you pull up and see the following: “ClowdFyre leverages the cloud to ignite blockchain synergies.” Cool, cool… hold on, there’s some sort […]