The number one search result on Google receives more than 39 percent of all clicks. This means if someone searches for your targeted keyword phrase, four out of ten people will click the first result and ignore everything else. Imagine what an impact it would have on your business if […]

Working with developers to align on technical and SEO priorities is a challenge faced by many in-house SEOs, and by SEO agencies offering recommendations. How do we start conversations and support initiatives that get developers and SEOs all working towards the same goal? Is Core Web Vitals the common ground […]

Traffic has spiked — hallelujah! This is what you’ve been working towards! Pause: before you start celebrating, it’s good to do your due diligence and make sure that glorious, spiked blue line under “All Users” is in fact genuine users visiting the site, and not spam. The checklist to determine […]

We seem to have another confirmed update starting on April 13th, right after the product reviews update finished. Google has finished rolling out the March 2022 product reviews update. Alan Kent from Google said writing in your product reviews content that you tested the product is not enough to show […]

Whiteboard Friday is back for another season of SEO tips, tricks, and insights!  First up, Dr. Pete takes you through some of the new data we’ve collected on the ways in which Google rewrites title tags. In addition, he shares three titling patterns to avoid if you don’t want them rewritten. […]