Micro Focus Creates New Robotic Process Automation Product

New RPA product from Micro Focus is now coming with the ability to improve your company’s process in no time. Check out this post to find out more.

New Robotic Process Automation Product

According to the company, this latest solution tool powers up your company while building, secure and expand the business process. Moreover, it can be suited best for both traditional and modern one.

The main driver for RPA initiatives is already you understand the capacity to integrate legacy systems. You can speed up their digital transformation projects by using this fresh product while opening up the value connected with previous technology investments.

An Error-Prone UI-Based Human Action

Micro Focus claimed that this latest RPA tool has the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Furthermore, it is created with an error-prone UI-based human actions platform while integrating with other IT tools all in one place.

This new tool offers the main features your clients and associates always want, such as scalability, resilience, and safety. It also adapts to changes in UI’s, automates interfaces, and API apps.

It provides your clients the trust to deploy RPA throughout your company. Furthermore, it ensures centralized management and compliance of digital employees.

Application Manager Micro Focus, Margaliot, said they have been working closely with clients and associates for the last few years to leverage test automation for their upcoming RPA projects. It also offered a convenient way of assessing the potential of business automation and further demonstrating its importance for the company.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The automation of robotic processes or Robotic Process Automation has tripled its manufacturing for fundamental apps, just like your workers can do. Moreover, it can be considered as a workflow with many steps and apps can be taught to the software robot.

RPA can handle complicated procedures. These include managing forms, sending a return signal, checking the completeness of the form, filling the form in a folder. It can also update a spreadsheet with the form title, the date submitted, and more. Also, its solution software aims to decrease the burden on the staff of repeated, easy duties.

RPA is created to help and ease functions and activities that require a huge amount of time and effort. Compared to the old automation that only focuses on managing one part of the process, limiting the growth and cut cost.

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