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Larry Kim is one of the top thoughts leaders and the CEO of MobileMonkey Inc. It was this company that makes him so famous as it is the best Facebook Messenger marketing platform, helping thousands of company with its powerful chatbots.

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Kim is not only just the CEO of MobileMonkey but also the founder of WordStream. Moreover, he is one of top columnist, experts in marketing, advertising, and entrepreneurship.


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In his early career, Kim founded WordStream Inc while serving as its both CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and vice-president of marketing and product management. The company grow at the fast pace because of his inbound marketing methods and defining its features and products.

With Kim’s experience in multiple fields like product management and marketing, software engineering, and to name a few, he invented a lot of WordStream famous applications. Thus, it increased the company’s revenue and committed customers in a short amount of time.

Asides from his digital marketing achievements, Kim is also a bestselling book on the field of software development. The books that received the award are Professional JSP, Professional J2EE Server Programming, Java Server Pages Application Development, and The XMLSPY Handbook.

Milestones in life

  • CEO of MobileMonkey

In 2017, Larry Kim builds the world’s best Facebook Messenger platform called MobileMonkey. This company helps thousands of any size of business with their chatbots that does not need any encoding at all.

In the present, MobileMonkey has millions of users around the world. Moreover, what makes it special that it is both free and very easy to use.

  • WordStream

In 2007, Kim founded WordStream, aiming to help businesses to get more customers with digital media. In the present, it is the world’s leading AdWords and Keywords provider.

WordStream has over three hundreds of employee and has over ten thousands of customers worldwide.


  • ‘The Official XMLSPY Handbook’
  • ‘XMLSpy Handbook’
  • ‘Professional JSP’
  • ‘Professional J2EE Server Programming’
  • ‘Java Server Pages Application Development’


Kim loves working. He always keeps himself entertained with his new idea every day.

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Top quotes

“Be funny, ironic, or outrageous–just don’t be BORING.”

“WordStream did not start out with millions of page views, we started out with zero. It doesn’t matter how much effort you do, it’s more about the consistency”

“Running a venture-backed business is kind of challenging. It’s like you jumped off a cliff and have to build the parachute as falling.”

“Content marketing is just as important as it ever was but is getting harder as more and more companies jump on the bandwagon, which means more competition for people’s attention.”

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