How to Use Live Video for Business

Live video is a wonderful new option that marketers can be using to reach more of their audience members.

You don’t have to be a Live at 5 news crew to offer live coverage of events, and you don’t have to be an Oscars host or a talking head to be able to speak directly to your audience in real time. Even the smallest business owners and bloggers can use live video to create that immediate connection with their audiences.

You can expect live video to become a huge marketing option for brands of all sizes to reach their audience members. Make sure that you stand out by using it creatively and in a way that resonates with your target users.

Here are a few great ideas for how you can use live video for business:

Workshops and Surprise Launches

No one wants to watch a live video touting the benefits of a product. That’s like watching an infomercial live, and we can all do that on the various home shopping networks on TV.

However, you can do the same thing by creating live videos that are either informational workshops or that are surprise product launches.

With the informational or instructional workshop, you would show your audience how to do something interesting or valuable. For example, if you are targeting homeowners, you might show them how to repair their gutters or how to snake a clogged drain. Of course, you would show how your product or service would be helpful along the way.

What’s great about these kinds of videos is that you are giving the user a reason to watch besides learning about your product. They have a problem or a need, and you are providing a solution. You get the bonus of plugging your product to an already engaged audience.

You can create a straight promotional video by shooting a surprise product launch. you can hype up the launch and make it seem like a big deal, which will get people excited. Just make sure that the product lives up to the hype. Otherwise, your audience will feel duped and won’t take you seriously the next time you have something new or “amazing” to share.

Flash Sales and Scarcity

Everyone loves Black Friday because there is a feeling like they are getting deals they don’t get on any other day of the year, and they know that the products go fast as a result. They feel the need to rush right out and buy the product before someone else can take it.

You can’t rely on holidays throughout the year to create the same sense of urgency. But you can create live videos that capture that same sense of excitement.

For example, you might film yourself getting in a big stock of a hot, new product that is being purchased as you unload it. Or if you buy unique products, such as for an art gallery or a thrift store, you might film yourself on a buying trip. Viewers know that by the time they get down to your shop, the product might be gone. Therefore, they feel the need to get there more quickly and to buy as soon as possible.

Think creatively about what ways you can co-opt this idea for your own business model.

Workplace Stories

Telling stories can endear you to your audience and turn viewers into customers.

Add some drama to those stories, and you’ll have people hooked.

Your workplace might not seem that interesting or exciting to you as is, but if you can frame it to tell a story and add some drama to it, you’ll draw in your audience.

For example, your normal production run might seem ho hum to you, but your audience might find it tense and dramatic when they see how you work against tight deadlines or you operate machinery that runs at high speeds.

Look around: What is unique to your business operations that you can highlight and share with your viewers?

Don’t overlook your employees. They might have interesting stories to tell that can make your business seem more personable. For example, you might have budding executives working in the mailroom, or you might have single mothers on the production line who are putting themselves through night school.

Ask around. Find out what stories are waiting to be told, and then tell them.

Live video offers unprecedented opportunities to connect with your audience. If you use this opportunity correctly, you can make your business seem more personal and you can engage your audience in ways you never have. You’ll build a loyal audience and drive your sales and leads to start meeting your goals.

Think creatively to explore all the ways you can use live video, both on your own website and on your social media. Start with these ideas, and then see where you can go.


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