How to Gain and Engage Social Media Followers

Social media continues to be one of the best ways to attract and engage new customers.

With social media, you can generate more exposure for your brand, get more traffic for your website, increase sales and conversions, and encourage customer loyalty.

Before you can do any of that, you have to attract followers to your social media profiles, including on top sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.  But you can’t just rest on your laurels once you get them — you then have to continue to find ways to engage your followers so that you keep them around and encourage their loyalty to your brand.

Here are a few tips for how to gain and engage social media followers in the current landscape:

Make It Easy to Follow You

Everyone is likely to assume that you are on social media these days, but few people are going to seek you out. You have to make it easy for people to find you and follow you.

You can do this by putting your social media profiles right on your page, linking from icons for Facebook, Twitter and so on. You can also include boxes on your site that let people click “follow” to add you without having to click a link that takes them away from your page.

When you are networking with people offline, you can hand them a business card that has a URL to your Facebook or Twitter profile, among other social media pages.

It’s important that you are including the information for your social media profiles in as many places as possible and that you are asking for the follow.

Make a Great Profile

When people do stumble upon your page when they are browsing social media, you want to be sure that there is something there that will entice them to stay.

Start by creating a great profile with an awesome “about” section. This is really important on Twitter, where the bio is the first thing that people will see — and perhaps the only thing that people will see.

Write something that is snappy and interesting yet also provides important information about you. Show people what they can expect from your page by conveying a sense of your authority and your personality.

Be Active

One of the easiest ways to get other people to follow you and be active on your page is to follow them and be active on their page.

Follow people on Twitter and Instagram and they are likely to follow you back. Like and retweet content, and you will notice an increase in your own followers doing the same. Like and comment on pictures on Instagram, and you will see more people doing the same for you.

Social media has a reciprocal quality to it. If you are showing that you are engaged and are not just on the site for yourself, others will be more willing to engage with you in return.

Ask Questions

So many of the posts that brands share on social media are about conveying information or promoting the brand. However, these posts do not get a lot of engagement.

Asking questions is an easy way to engage followers by making them feel like you are interested in them or by making them feel like they have a voice.

Ask opinions about trending stories. Ask customers to tell you about their favorite product. Ask followers to tell you a personal anecdote that is somehow related to your brand.

Be creative. The more interesting the question, the more likely people are to answer it and to feel more engaged in the conversation.

Host Giveaways

Giving away anything for free will be sure to get people’s attention. Give away a really great prize and you’ll be stampeded with traffic.

Contests and giveaways make people feel instantly more engaged with your brand — albeit temporarily. You can take advantage of this to get more exposure by asking people to follow you on more channels or to share your content across their channels in order to get more contest entries. They will happily take the opportunity to get more chances to win, and you will easily get more exposure for your brand.

Just make sure that you follow up on your contest or giveaway with engaging content and meaningful strategies. Otherwise, you will see a spike in traffic and engagement around your contest, but you will quickly see all that traffic leave. Once you have their attention, make sure you have a plan in place to keep it.

Social media continues to grow, with more and more channels opening every day. It’s going to be harder to attract followers and keep their attention. Using these simple tips will help you get results that you can build on for long-term success.

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