How to Create More Effective Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live introduced a new way for users to connect, which also gave businesses a novel new way to engage their audiences.

Yet things are always a little bumpy in the early stages of any new technology. With Facebook Live, the majority of videos we’ve been seeing from users are short snippets of them at work, goofing around with friends, or just acting silly in front of the camera.

A few businesses have stood out with how to use the new technology to great effect, such as news organizations live streaming the presidential debates or protests.

Here are some ways that you can make your Facebook Live broadcasts more effective even if you are a smaller brand:

Plan First

Spontaneous marketing is rarely (if ever) successful. You need to have a plan before you start recording – especially since you will be live and there will be no room for error.

Know what you are going to talk about before you begin. You don’t have to have a word-for-word script, but you should at least have some major talking points and perhaps even an outline. It’s even better if you do a practice run by yourself before you start recording live.

Your planning should also include knowing where you are going to film, what kind of lighting you will need, whether you will be broadcasting vertically or horizontally, and what day and time you plan to go live. All of these factors will influence the quality of your video and the size of your audience.

You may need to do a little research to start, and you may have to fine tune your planning later based on the results you get. The point is to at least have the plan before you start recording so that things can be just as you need them to be.

Write a Great Description

When people get the notification that you are live, they may click on the video briefly to see what you are sharing.

The first thing they will see is a description of your video. That description needs to be well-written and enticing to encourage users to actually watch the video. If it’s not, they are likely to click away from the video before they ever hear a word.

Make sure you provide context for your video right at the beginning, as well. This will help viewers decide if it is worth their time to keep watching.

Promote the Video

Promote the video as much as you can before it airs.

Let people know that you are going to air a live video. You can say that you will be at a certain event or interviewing a certain person, or you can create an air of mystery by saying something like, “Tune in Tuesday for a live video revealing a big announcement!”

Keep promoting at regular intervals, such as “Join us tomorrow” and “Come back in an hour for a live broadcast.”

You don’t want to just drop your live video and hope for the best. Give people advance notice so that they can plan to be online and watching at the right time.

Show Off Your Personality

No one likes to watch marketing videos that feel like marketing.

We’ve all had more than our share of advertisements and commercials. Most of us don’t willingly watch them.

If you want your Facebook Live video to be successful, it needs to seem authentic, and it needs to show off some of your personality. You can (and should) still be professional, but you should loosen up a little to let your personality shine through.

Make light (and appropriate) jokes. Mix casual conversation in with your professional questions and explanations. Talk to viewers like they are friends.

Respond to Comments

Facebook Live videos are very good for engaging users if you use them properly.

When people comment on your video, make sure you respond, even if all they say is “hi.” Call people out by name and respond to what they have to say. Answer their questions. Provide the information they are requesting. Share their feedback.

If your video is very popular, you won’t be able to respond to every comment. However, you should pick out some top comments to let people know that you are listening and you care about what people have to say.

Choosing top comments to respond to can also encourage commenting since users may feel a kind of “competition” to get their comments noticed and to get on air.

Use all these tips, and you’ll start getting more engagement and better results from your Facebook Live videos. You can use the videos to launch new products, promote new services, interview experts in your field, report on industry events, and more. Keep your focus on providing value for your users, and you can’t lose.

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