How to Create Linkable Content

Being great isn’t enough. You also need others to recognize that you are great.

Think of it like this: You might be just as likable and fun as the head cheerleader, but you won’t be as popular as she is unless everyone else recognizes your quality and spreads the word.

On a larger scale, this is what’s happening when you are promoting your site and trying to boost your standing in search results. The more people are talking about your site, the more valuable Google thinks it is and the higher it will feature your site in search.

The way that Google measures popularity is through links (for the most part). So if you want your site to appear more prominently in search, you need to get sites to link back to your site. You can do that by creating linkable content. Here’s how you do that:

Write Authoritative, In-Depth Content

Think about why you voluntarily link to content when you are writing your own posts. It’s usually to back up what you are saying with an authoritative source, right?

For example, you might be writing about social media, and you cite information from another website about the number of active users on specific platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You might also cite sources that share opinions from an expert. For example, if you are writing about social issues, you might link to an article or think piece written by a journalist, scholar or politician.

By writing authoritative, in-depth content, you are creating a source for others. Create lengthy content that explores a topic thoroughly. Include as much data, evidence, statistics, anecdotes and other supporting information as you can. The more comprehensive your content seems, the more authoritative others will think it to be.

If you can put together original research, you will increase your authority. That means analyzing data yourself, creating surveys, and conducting experiments. Just make sure that your methods are sound and that your results can be duplicated so that they will hold up to scrutiny.

Collaborative Pieces

You can increase your own profile by associating yourself with others who have a high profile themselves.

That’s true in your social circles and in networking.

If you write content with an authority in your niche, that person is going to share links to the content on all their networks, and others are likely to link to it because of that person’s authority or prestige.

If you are a fitness blogger, imagine if you were able to write a series of articles with one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser or one of the competitors on those televised fitness competitions. You would get links from tons of sites who are interested in the content because of your partner’s profile. Plus, those people would link to the content on their own sites.

Imagine all the views you would get and all the authority links to your site.

You don’t have to partner with a celebrity in your niche to get great links. Just look for partners who have something valuable to offer, either in terms of their authority or the size of their audience.

Visually Compelling Content

Visual content is often overlooked when talking about content marketing, but it can be the most successful type of content.

People have less and less time these days to read actual text. Using interesting visuals not only makes your content more compelling, but it can also make it easier to skim. You can even make your content entirely composed of visuals.

Photo essays are a great choice. If you are good with a camera, you can take your own photos for your essay. If you can’t take good photos, you can create curated content from other people’s photos. Just make sure that you either have permission to use the photos or that you credit them appropriately.

Infographics are another good option. Again, if you are good with graphics, you should create the infographic yourself. If you’re not, you can hire someone to put it together for you. Include your site name and URL at the bottom of the infographic so that you are always credited, no matter how it gets linked.

Finally, don’t overlook the opportunities that video provides. People respond to funny, inspiring and educational video, and they are more likely to link to it. Just like with your other visual content, if it’s not something you have the skill to create yourself, just hire someone to do it for you.

Visually compelling content is more likely to engage your “readers,” which is more likely to encourage them to link. Visual content is also shared more frequently on social media, which can drive links to your site, as well.

Think about how others will respond to your content when you create it. Ask yourself if it’s something that you would want to link to yourself. If not, what can you change to make it more linkable?

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