How to Capture Target Audience Attention

The Internet has become such a vast place that exploring it is almost like traveling through space. It seems to have no end.

While sources like Google and Bing make it easier to find the content you need, these tools are not flawless. You still sometimes struggle to find just the right resource.

As a marketer, the issue of connecting users with content goes beyond personal inconvenience. You have to fight through the chaos to make sure that your content is found in the midst of it all. Finding and connecting to just the right audience can be quite a challenge.

In addition to fighting to stand out above the billions of other websites, you also have to fight to capture the fleeting attention of the increasingly busy users who are juggling jobs, family and other responsibilities.

Here are a few things you can do to capture your target audience attention even in this highly challenging landscape:

Focus on Mobile

Mobile search has already outpaced desktop search, and it likely won’t be long until there are more mobile users overall than desktop users.

In addition, the number of mobile users on search is growing steadily. Research shows that about 80 percent of the time that people spend on social media is done through a mobile device, and 52 percent of social shares are made with a mobile phone.

The rise of mobile social users is especially important since many people discover new brands through social media. If you can get more notice on mobile, you can get more exposure for your brand generally.

You need to not only create a mobile friendly design, but you also need to create a mobile content marketing strategy and a mobile social media marketing strategy.

That means not only thinking about how the content looks on a mobile device but also what kind of content mobile users want to see. For example, mobile users want shorter content that is easy to skim or to watch on their smaller devices.

Optimize Your Website

A lot of marketers focus on search engine optimization to get better search rankings for their websites. The focus of their SEO efforts is often using the right keywords and in the right density in their content.

Yet keywords are only a small part of a successful SEO campaign. There are many other factors that influence the way search engines evaluate your site and rank you in search results.

One of the most important factors is how quickly your website and each of its pages loads. The slower a page loads, the more likely that the user is to leave the site and never return to it.

In fact, for every page longer that your website takes to load, you lose 7 percent of your conversions. Literally every second counts when it comes to connecting with your audience!

Make sure that your site is designed to load quickly and to run efficiently. Use plugins that can cache your data and your images to load more quickly.

Use Visuals

No one likes to see a wall of text when they visit a website. Using compelling visuals breaks up the text to make it easier to skim and makes your site more attractive and interesting.

Visuals include more than just photographs. You can also include graphics, infographics, videos, gifs, Vines, maps, charts, interactive surveys and more. In fact, the more variety of visuals you include on your site, the better the results you are likely to get.

In particular, research shows that users spend 100 percent more time on pages that have videos and are 85 percent more likely to make a purchase. Plus, video ranks high in search.

Keep Trying

You aren’t always going to be successful your first time out. In fact, you rarely will be.

You have to accept that you will need to keep trying in order to be successful. You may need to make tweaks to your marketing strategy to make just the right impact, or it may simply be a matter of timing to find the right audience at the right moment.

In addition to giving yourself time, you also need to consistently monitor your metrics and conduct A/B testing to ensure that you are putting your efforts into the right strategies. With the right testing and monitoring, you can make changes that will get the results you need much more quickly and save you money.

Online marketing can offer big rewards, but it can be quite complex and take a long time to see results. Using the right tools can also help you connect with your audience more quickly.

For example, there are tools to increase user engagement and to get more exposure for your content by using a complex algorithm that gets the right pages in front of the right audience. It takes some of the guess work out of your marketing and helps you get the results you need more quickly.

Try out some of these tips and just remember: Be consistent and be patient. You’ll see the results you want.

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