How AI Machine Learning Can Help Marketers

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for the robot companions of the future (who may or may not become sentient and take over). The advanced technology is being used in everyday applications, and it has powerful potential for marketers.

The technology is only at its beginnings, but marketers are already using it in a variety of ways to reach their audiences.

Here’s how you can implement AI machine learning in your marketing:

Content Recommendation

Content curation is a great way to fill out your social media, to stay in-the-know about the latest goings on in your niche, and to get ideas for your own posts.

You can go to a lot of content curation sites that give you recommendations based on some keywords you type in. But if you want to get more tailored recommendations, you need to sign up for a service that uses artificial intelligence to learn your preferences and make predictive recommendations.

You can see this application from brand to consumer with services like Netflix, which recommends movies that users might like based on the other movies they have watched and the ratings they have given movies. Or Under Armour, which uses AI learning to provide training and nutritional advice to users on its Record app.

There are many ways that you can use content curation to inform your marketing activities or to reach consumers directly.

Service Predictors

Customer service is a key part of your operations, even if you run an exclusively online brand.

There will be times when customers need to make returns, ask questions, or discuss concerns, and you need to have people available to answer the phones or email. Even if you just provide information and make your money through ads, you’ll need someone around to answer questions or address concerns.

Artificial intelligence can be used to understand how customers are most likely to get in touch and when they are most likely to make contact. That information can help you determine the best way to design the site (where to put contact information, etc.) and the best way to staff your operations.

With the right predictive AI information, you can improve customer service while also streamlining your operations to be more efficient and cost-effective.


Chatbots are going to be the next big thing in social media.

These are applications fueled entirely by artificial intelligence to provide a service to users. In most cases, chatbots are set up for a specific usage, such as answering a few frequently asked questions or allowing users to easily order some of the most popular products.

Chatbots are not meant to be full-service assistants in the same way that customer service representatives are. The technology is not that far advanced – yet.

However, chatbots can be used to connect with more of your audience and to get more sales. They encourage brand loyalty, and they improve customer satisfaction.

Ad Targeting

The more highly targeted your ads are, the more effective they can be.

Otherwise, you are wasting money by showing people ads that don’t appeal to their interests or their needs.

Targeting options have expanded over time, particularly on social sites like Facebook that collect a lot of user data. However, artificial intelligence technology has made it possible to get more information than ever before about users, and it doesn’t require you to choose the targeting options yourself.

Soome tool is a native advertising program fueled by artificial intelligence learning. It looks at thousands of user-intent signals for each visitor to a page. Those signals can include things like sites visited, items clicked on a page, sites bookmarked, the device being used, language, location, and much more. The advanced technology quickly analyzes all that data to create actionable insights for placing ads.

The result is that only the right ads are shown to the right users at the right time and on the right platform. This is the ultimate in targeting. You aren’t guessing based on a variety of interests – you get advanced, predictive analysis based on wide-ranging data and behavioral study.

Automated advertising placement and targeting powered by artificial intelligence helps you to save money while also getting a stronger return on your investment. You don’t have to pay people to do the research or perform the testing, and you don’t have to waste money on ads that don’t work. Meanwhile, you also free up manpower to focus on developing other parts of your business.

Artificial intelligence has powerful potential for the online world, both in improving the experience for users and in helping brands to connect with their audience. As a marketer, you can start tapping into artificial intelligence technology now to improve your operations and to get more out of your campaigns. As a brand, you should insist upon your marketing team using the latest in AI technology to see more results.

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