Google: Crawling Doesn’t Mean Indexing, Indexing Doesn’t Mean Ranking

This article was originally published on Search Engine Roundtable This is probably SEO 101 but often even those who do SEO every day, they are so in the weeds that the basics kind of slip away. Martin Splitt of Google summed it up by saying just because Google may crawl a page, it does not mean that page will be in Google’s index. Also just because a page is in its index, it does not mean it will rank in Google Search.


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Thu Oct 22 , 2020
Back in 2014 and also in 2008, Google basically said it has no limit in the number of links it can handle on a specific page. So a site like Techmeme, which I love, has thousnads of links on a page, it would be able to process all of those […]