Google: Asking What Schema To Use Is Like Asking A Dictionary Maintainer What To Say

This article was originally published on Search Engine Roundtable Dan Brickley, a developer advocate at Google who managed, had a really great line that I wanted to amplify here. He was asked by a seasoned SEO about which schema one should use in a specific case. In which Dan Brickley replied “that question is a bit like asking a dictionary maintainer what to say.”


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Google Webspam Report 2020: More Spam, More Blocking, More Of The Same

Fri Apr 30 , 2021
Google has published its annual webspam report and it is just more of the same. In short, there is more spam, Google is getting better at detecting and thus blocking that spam and of course a bit on the COVID stuff. Here are some bulleted highlights from this webspam report.