Create a Web Form Like a Pro

Getting email subscriptions, new website members or requests for information help you generate leads. All those people who fill out the form on your website are people you can contact later about sales and promotions.

With every web form you get, you have powerful information that can help you get more out of your future marketing efforts.

There are a number of things you can do to increase the leads you get, but creating a professional-looking web form is a great place to start. Here are a few things you should do to create a web form like a pro:

Keep the Design Simple

Distracting fonts, flashing graphics, and information packed into the form are all going to dilute your message.

You need a simple design for your web form so that you can direct your customers right to your message and your call to action.

If your web form has to include a message, such as a pop up asking people to join your email list, keep it to just a sentence — maybe two. Use a simple graphic if you have to use any graphic at all.

Use plenty of white space in your graphic. Don’t worry — this doesn’t have to mean actual white space. It just refers to empty space around your text and the boxes in your form. That visual white space helps people to focus on the action you want them to take.

Limit Your Request

Most people will not want to give much more information besides their name and their email address. Some won’t even want to give that much.

The more information you ask for in your web form, the less likely you are to get any information at all.

If you ask for someone’s address, make sure you have a really good reason for it besides your own lead-generation purposes.

For each additional piece of information you want to ask for, start by asking yourself why you need it and then ask yourself how much it might “cost” you in terms of the people who don’t fill out the form because of it. Weigh your costs and benefits to determine if the latter outweigh the former.

You can get more information from your customers by using a customer management system that tracks visits and information that users provide over time.

Ensure Easy Completion

If your users have to fiddle with the form at all or have any trouble entering the requested information, they are going to abandon the form and you are going to lose the lead.

Make the boxes simple. Provide an empty space with a label rather than a drop-down box. Make it very clear which labels go with which boxes.

Make it clear which information is required and which is optional. Ideally, you will only be asking for the minimum amount of information, so there shouldn’t be much confusion. However, if you are building a form for orders, you might have to include more fields.

Include just enough space for the characters required. If you are asking for a phone number, that means that there should only be 10 spaces. You might want to break it up further into three boxes for each segment of the phone number.

Finally, auto fill whatever data you can. For example, if you are building an order form, you can make it so that the billing address automatically fills in when the user checks a box that it is the same as the shipping address.

Be Sure to Say “Thank You”

Make your leads feel good about the interaction they have just had by saying “thank you” with an automated message after the form has been submitted.

Your thank you message should say something inspirational about the path forward, such as “Thank you for choosing good health! You will soon receive your free e-book that promises to help you lose weight and gain more energy.”

The message should confirm what people have just done and give them a sense of what will happen next. For example, if they have ordered something, the message would say that they will receive a receipt and tracking information soon.

The message should also have a call to action, such as looking at your online course or taking advantage of a sale code to purchase other items. You can also ask customers to complete a survey about their shopping experience.

A well-written and designed thank you page can turn leads into conversions or turn one sale into many future sales.

Creating a web form is not difficult, but it does take skill to create a great one. If you put in the effort, you will enjoy a big return on your investment. You’ll get the leads and sales you need to move your business forward. Use these tips to get the results you want.

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