Content Types that Will Help You Get Conversions

Content marketing is all about getting conversions in some way. You want to encourage more people to follow you on social media, to share your content, to sign up for your email list, or to buy your products.

If you aren’t getting the conversions you want, you might think to focus on improving the quality of your content or on the way you promote it. While these strategies can certainly prove effective, the answer may be much simpler than that.

Sometimes, simply the type of content you choose to write can have an impact on the conversions you get. Here are some of the top content types that will help you get the conversions you want:


Buzzfeed is a master class in viral marketing. Its stories frequently get hundreds of thousands of likes and shares, and it has millions of followers on social media.

One of the most popular types of content that Buzzfeed shares is the quiz. It frequently creates silly quizzes like “Which Star Wars Character Are You?” and “Can We Guess How Old You Are Based on the Type of Music You Like?”

People click on these quizzes because they want to see what the results will say. If the results were totally off the wall, the quizzes wouldn’t continue to be popular. So one thing critical to success is creating answers that are interesting but general enough to apply to most people.

Create quizzes that are relevant to your niche, but try to make them as fun as possible. Not too many people will want to click on a quiz about the ABCs of house buying, but they might click if the quiz said something like “Do you know more about house buying than a realtor?”

The right quiz will be not only fun for the user but also informative to the marketer if it includes questions about personal tastes.

Surveys and Polls

People like to give their opinions. It makes them feel heard, and it prioritizes their wants and needs.

Surveys and polls are great opportunities for people to share their opinions, and many people are eager to participate in them – provided they are short and don’t come with spam as a consequence.

You can post short surveys and polls on your social media feeds and on your blogs. Limit them to just a few questions, and keep the answers to the point. But leave an extra option for people to fill in an answer that is not provided.

Not only can surveys and polls encourage user engagement to increase conversions, but they can also provide you needed information about how what your readers want or need so that you can create more effective content and even products and services.


Videos have proven to capture more attention in search, in ads (and particularly mobile ads) and in content.

In many cases, it is easier for someone to watch a quick video than it is to read an article. But also, videos are just more interesting and visually appealing than a wall of text.

Interactive videos can help you get more conversions by increasing user engagement. Interactive videos can include links to other elements or can ask questions or encourage people to take action.

Contests and Giveaways

People love to get things for free, no matter how small they are. Hosting contests and giveaways can generate a lot of user engagement, and you can leverage them to get conversions.

For example, you can create several opportunities for people to enter your contest, such as following you on Facebook or signing up for your newsletter. These are conversions already.

You can also follow up your contest or giveaway with an email blast that includes a special discount or other promotion, which can increase sales conversions.


Simple calculators are useful tools, but they aren’t going to do much for your site conversions.

However, specialty calculators can make a big impact for your site.

Specialty calculators help readers do things like figure out how much their mortgage payment would be, determine how long it would take to pay down debt, or figure out how much they might have to pay in child support.

These calculators can pair very well with your content. For example, if you have a mortgage calculator on your site and you offer counseling services or debt consolidation, you can generate leads by showing people how much they might need your services based on the hard numbers.

Pairing the right content types with your written content can help you make a much bigger impact with your marketing. You will increase user engagement and encourage conversions. Just make sure you have your site design and architecture set up properly to funnel those conversions – such as having your email sign ups visible and your sales pages easy to navigate.

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