Imagine waking up one morning only to discover an error with your WordPress administrative dashboard. You contact your web hosting company, and they inform you that the website crashed — the handiwork of a hacker. In addition to missing out on website traffic and sales, you also lost your databases and […]

You wouldn’t buy a brick and mortar business without getting a lock for the front door, right? I imagine you’d probably even get an alarm system and install some cameras. These security measures are taken to prevent break-ins, from losing money, sustaining property damage, or putting sensitive information at risk. […]

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best content management systems for most people are definitely WordPress or Wix. Content management systems (CMS) make it possible to manage and publish content on the web. Traditionally, web pages are written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. Without a content […]

Are you about to build an ecommerce website? Shopify might be a good option for you. There’s a reason it’s used by 1,000,000+ businesses including the The New York Times for all their ecommerce needs. But is it the best one for your business? We’ve taken a deep look at Shopify. […]