Recently, after months of testing, Google pushed a full roll-out of indented results. These are groups of organic results from the same domain, such as this result on a search for “Halloween stores”: Just to make life confusing, indented results are different from expanded sitelinks (in the #1 ranking position), […]

Faced with so many SEO tasks to worry about, how do you know which ones to prioritize? In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Ola takes you through the important technical SEO fixes that should be a the top of your audit list. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a […]

Want to use Python, but don’t know where to begin? Britney and Pumpkin are here in their second episode as co-hosts with more great tips on how to get started!  Click on the whiteboard image above to open a larger version in a new tab! Video Transcription Hi, Moz fans. […]

Note: This article was written with the help of Tina Irizarry & RJ Wilson. A fundamental truth of working in SEO is that link building has become more difficult. As more and more people have devised questionable methods of link building, Google has become much more strict about what constitutes a […]