The best customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to move customers down your pipeline with ease. A CRM manages it all from a contact form sign-up to live chats that transition a lead to a paying customer. Some CRMs integrate perfectly with a WordPress site, making nurturing customer relationships […]

Salesforce is one of those rare jacks-of-all-trades that actually masters everything. There’s a lot you can do in a single platform for every facet of customer relationship management (CRM): sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. And it’s not just multifaceted—it’s highly customizable and built with best-in-class technology. That said, depending […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you everything an enterprise business needs when it comes to customer relationship management software. It has excellent marketing and analytics features, though it lacks some of the basics. This software is made for people who already know Microsoft and don’t mind spending the extra time to […]

Sales dashboards are visual representations of your sales data. In theory, sales metrics are relatively straightforward—reps are either selling or they’re not. But as a sales manager or executive, you know that sales is actually much more complex than this. Businesses rely on data for strategic decision-making, and sales data […]

Businesses design sales funnels to lead prospective customers through the buying process. When built correctly, funnels can take a person who has never heard of your business and turn them into a paying customer. Without a firm grasp of how sales funnels work, you’ll never be able to maximize the […]

Cold emailing is something that most people dread. It is much harder than almost any other form of communication and requires patience and persistence. Anyone who has ever done cold emailing knows that rejection is just par for the course, and you can’t let it discourage you or keep you […]

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become one of the most critical components of any organization in the modern era. Regardless of your business size or industry, CRM systems allow your team to track prospects and manage customer communication from a single source of truth. It’s arguably the best way to […]

CRM software has become a must-have tool for most businesses today. But some of the existing CRM solutions on the market just aren’t quite suitable for large businesses with complex needs. That’s why so many large organizations and enterprises are choosing to build a custom CRM from scratch, in-house. If […]

Implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) system has become an absolute must for every company in the modern business world. But this process definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. It’s human nature for people to resist change. Once you add new technology into the mix, those hesitations can […]

Entrepreneurs, sales managers, sales executives… Everyone needs a solid sales plan to drive their income, hit their targets, and scale their business. But a sales plan is not possible without a comprehensive sales strategy—one that covers everything from your target audience to employee morale to prospecting. Moreover, effective strategizing and […]