CRM (customer relationship management) software has become a must-have in the modern business environment. These tools can drastically improve the way your organization deals with leads and customers.  From sales to marketing and customer support, CRM can improve KPIs across all departments. It’s one of the best ways to manage […]

Finding good customer relationship management (CRM) software will help business owners to focus on building a professional customer service base. Zoho CRM software is an excellent all-in-one solution and a global leader in business SaaS. Because of this, it comes in at number three on our top list. Trusted by […]

Predictive dialer software can automate your outbound calls so you can free up time for other important tasks. Your team will thank you, and your business will grow even faster. But this software isn’t one-size-fits-all. You’ve got to find the one that helps you connect with customers once they pick […]

Social CRM software makes the process of managing customer relationships across all your social media channels easier while bringing you closer to your customers. You can think of it as blending all the benefits of a customer relationship management tool with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Thankfully, there are […]

Appointment scheduling software takes the headache out of coordinating appointments with your customers and prospects. The right appointment scheduling software can help accelerate your business growth—the trick is finding the one that does exactly what you need it to do. This guide goes through some of the best options below […]

For most businesses, their most valuable and important asset is their customers. So it makes sense that finding the right Customer Relationship Management software is vital to the success of your business. If you’re scratching your head thinking that this tool is going to be yet another app to add […]

At one point in time, to be a successful salesperson all you needed to be was a people person. However, times have changed and that is no longer the case. The world of sales has become something much more complex. To stay on top of all that is happening in […]

The best customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow you to move customers down your pipeline with ease. A CRM manages it all from a contact form sign-up to live chats that transition a lead to a paying customer. Some CRMs integrate perfectly with a WordPress site, making nurturing customer relationships […]

Salesforce is one of those rare jacks-of-all-trades that actually masters everything. There’s a lot you can do in a single platform for every facet of customer relationship management (CRM): sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. And it’s not just multifaceted—it’s highly customizable and built with best-in-class technology. That said, depending […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you everything an enterprise business needs when it comes to customer relationship management software. It has excellent marketing and analytics features, though it lacks some of the basics. This software is made for people who already know Microsoft and don’t mind spending the extra time to […]