Advertising a job opening can be an exciting time for a growing small business seeking a new candidate with the perfect skills. But the thought of going through dozens or hundreds of resumes can dampen the enthusiasm for the process. Learning how to screen resumes efficiently and successfully is a […]

While holiday parties are meant to allow employees to mingle and let loose in ways they can’t do in the office, they can be challenging to plan and ensure that everyone has a wonderful time. A holiday party should be inclusive, entertaining, and rewarding for everyone involved. The onus often […]

Do you have a short-term project that requires a specific skill set, but you don’t have the budget to employ a full-time employee just for that task? Or perhaps you run a small business and could occasionally use the assistance of an expert in certain areas of your business? If […]

Employers often make their employees sign a non-compete agreement as part of their employment terms. In fact, using a non-compete agreement is a fairly common practice if the employee will have access to sensitive or confidential business information while working on the job. You cannot force your employees to continue […]

The biggest problem people have with creating an employee referral program is achieving long-term success. While referral programs often start out with lots of buzz and excitement, maintaining them successfully past the short term often proves difficult. After reading our “how-to” process, you’ll know how to build a program that […]

There’s nothing more frustrating than training a promising new employee only to have him or her leave three months later. Or worse, to guide and mentor an employee for a year or three, only to have them jump to a competitor. With effective employee retention practices, you can develop your […]

How do you figure out whether weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly—or even a combination of the three—would be the most optimal pay period schedule for your business? Factors like employee preferences and labor laws are obvious considerations. But you also want a frequency that attracts and retains top performers and balances administrative […]

While remote work at one point was a rarity for companies, that has changed dramatically in recent history. Studies done by Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom show that, as of June 2020, 42% of the labor force in the United States is working from home full-time. Though those numbers have likely […]

Office perks can liven up the workplace and have a big impact at a small expense. When you create yours, you should start by knowing what your employees want and how it reflects your workplace culture. Perks can help your employees enjoy their jobs even more. Here are the basics […]

No matter the size of the company, one of the best ways to keep employees happy, loyal, and productive is through a great employee benefits package. If employees have to jump through a complex series of hoops to gain access to their benefits, or if the benefit records are inaccurate, […]