What comes to mind when you think of negotiation tactics?  People in suits closing business deals?  Bargaining with a seller in a market? Convincing your landlord to lower the rent? How about all of these? Negotiation Tactics Play a Key Role in Life It’s tempting to think of negotiation only […]

If you’re a new entrepreneur looking for profitable business ideas with minimal risks, a franchise business can be a great place to start. A franchise business carries the success, credibility, and popular associations of established brands, reducing the need for extensive marketing and brand building for you as a franchise […]

Every business wants to feel like its customers and employees are happy. After all, it’s human nature to want to be loved, right? However, “making people happy” isn’t just a nice-to-have. Doing so has real-world business benefits. For instance, did you know customers will pay up to a 16-percent price […]

Education is the key to success in business but I’m not just talking about your college or university; I’m talking about self-education.  Understanding the finances behind your business can help you increase your profits, cut back on expenses, and operate more smoothly. Contribution margin ratio is one of these financial […]

Increasing sales isn’t necessarily the best way to improve your bottom line. A better solution may be to reduce your Cost of Goods Sold. Paying less to acquire the products you sell can result in higher gross revenue figures and bigger profits, even when the amount of product you sell […]

Considering building an app? You’re in good company.  The mobile app industry is expected to be worth more than $407 billion (yes, with a B) by 2026.  Meanwhile, the average person has more than 80 apps on their phone. That represents a ton of opportunities for app builders.  However, if […]

With most events going online, you need to find strategies to find and attract online event sponsors. Hosting an event, even online, is expensive. And ticket sales alone probably won’t cover all your costs. This is where event sponsors come in. What is Event Sponsorship? Event sponsorship is an agreement […]

Whether you’re just starting out or are an old pro, who doesn’t want to be a more successful entrepreneur? Owning a business gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment. You can build things and watch them grow. Entrepreneurs make decisions for themselves, realize their creative visions, and develop lasting […]