The growth in podcasts is significant for listeners looking for a show that appeals to their individual interests. Plus, it’s great for marketers and business owners looking for new platforms to advertise on and new audiences to reach. While you won’t find any lack of podcasts, the sheer volume out […]

As a business or marketing professional, when consumer habits change, you must pay attention. Perhaps nothing is changing more rapidly or drastically than how people consume video content. To leverage this shift, you must first understand two of the most common video consumption methods: video on demand (VOD) and over-the-top […]

Landing pages help drive traffic, increase conversions, and improve SEO. However, not all landing pages are effective. If your landing pages aren’t producing results, the issue might not be your copy or your product—it might be because you aren’t using testimonials efficiently. Below, we’ll look at ten different landing page […]

Evergreen content engages and educates readers for longer without a huge amount of effort. Once you master the art of writing “timeless” content, you can ensure your articles, e-books, and tutorials stay relevant for years to come.  Below, I’m going to show you exactly why evergreen content should be part […]

We’ve discussed how you can build authority in your industry through blogging. Today, we are going to look at exactly how you can get guest blogging opportunities and make the most out of them. Determine Your Guest Blogging Goals Before we begin, your first task is to decide what your […]

Blogging has changed over the years. When I first started blogging, it wasn’t that competitive. You write an article… on pretty much anything… and you get some social shares. And then you would try to build links, but even if you weren’t great at link building you would still naturally […]

What’s in a review? A lot, it turns out. Reviews aren’t just about finding out what consumers think you’re doing right or where you can improve. They’re a highly useful marketing tool for drawing traffic, generating leads, and making conversions. Let me show you why you should be scoping out […]