Blog Post Ideas to Get the Traffic You Need

Blogging continues to be one of the most effective content marketing strategies to help you get traffic and brand exposure.

Yet blogging day after day can cause you to lose your inspiration to write and leave you struggling with ideas for fresh topics that will engage your readers and get the steady flow of traffic you need.

Eventually, you’ll feel like you’ve said it all or like you’re just recycling the same, tired old ideas – and your readers will feel it, too.

You need fresh ideas to help you keep your inspiration alive and to keep people coming to your site. Here are some blog post ideas that can help you get the traffic you need:

A Blog Series

Most topics are too big to cover in just one blog post. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a topic that could be summed up in just one post.

Even if you break down your overarching niche into subtopics, you’d still have plenty to say about each.

Creating a blog series will give you a chance to fully explore a topic while also increasing user engagement. When readers know they are looking at a blog series, they will return to the site again and again for the next installments.

The key to success is making every post in the series engaging even as a standalone post. The broader topic has to be an interesting one, and each post should reveal valuable or interesting information, including new insights, new tips for success, or new resources.

Eventually, you can use that blog series to create an exhaustive resource guide on your site, or you can turn the posts into an ebook that you can publish or use to build your email list.

You can even recycle old blog posts by breaking them up and turning them into a series. You can turn a very long post into a series of shorter posts, or you can take key ideas of one blog post and expand them to create a series of separate posts.


There are plenty of people in your niche that your readers are interested in and either want to know more about or what to get more insights from.

These people can be experts in your field, or they can be interesting people doing interesting work.

For example, if you are in the financial sector, you can interview someone who is publishing controversial theories, or you can interview a regular consumer who has made a life change by following specific financial advice.

Interviewing experts gives you the advantage of providing valuable information and insights to your readers without having to come up with them on your own. Yet you are still positioned as the resource because you have published it on your site and you have set the tone of the conversation.

Interviewing interesting people emotionally engages people by inspiring or entertaining them, and it helps your readers see the possibilities in themselves.

Video or Show Notes

Video blogs and podcasts are great ways to engage your audience and give them options for getting the information they need whether they are in a hurry or they just prefer different styles of content consumption.

Yet these don’t count as blogs themselves. You can still capitalize on their appeal for your blog content by creating transcripts or show notes for your videos or podcasts.

Some audience members will prefer to read the content instead of watch it or listen to it, and some will use the written content as a preview to determine whether they should click “play.”

Be strategic in your choice of transcript or teaser notes. Conduct tests to see what will have a bigger impact on your audience.

Controversial Posts

Controversy always gets people engaged – whether it’s to passionately agree with you or to vehemently disagree with you.

Writing about controversy will get you the clicks and the shares. Just make sure that you are taking the right side of a controversy to properly reflect your brand’s values. Don’t jump on a controversy just to get the clicks – your readers will see through it, and you will muddle your identity in your attempt to chase after what’s popular.

Also be careful of topics that are a little too controversial, like matters of politics or religion (unless that’s what your brand is about). You want controversial like “Design is more important than content to SEO,” not “Hitler had it right.”

Sometimes, coming up with fresh things to blog about is more about looking at different ways to write rather than finding fresh ideas. The form will inspire the topic in many cases.

Try out some of these blog types to generate some fresh ideas for your content marketing and to get more traffic. You’ll re-engage your audience and attract new readers at the same time.

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