Best Times to Send Your Email Marketing

Your email marketing can be a highly effective way to connect with your audience. With the right email marketing campaign, you can increase sales, increase your brand awareness, and encourage customer loyalty.

However, you can have the most well-designed email marketing and still not get results if no one is opening the emails or reading them. You may be surprised to learn that one of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign is when you send your emails.

On some level, this may seem obvious. You aren’t likely to send your emails at 5 a.m. since you know that most people will be asleep and won’t be checking or reading email. But the best times to send email for high engagement may not be as obvious.

Fortunately, many people have done the research before you and found the answers you need. Here’s what we know about the best times to send your email marketing:

Late-Night Success

Perhaps surprisingly, the data has shown that you are likely to find the most success sending your emails to the night owls.

Experian conducted an email marketing study that showed that open rates were highest – averaging 21.7 percent – between 8 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. The second highest open rates occurred between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. – averaging 17.6 percent.

The study found that not only were people more likely to open the emails during these times but also that they were more likely to click through on the links in the emails. Click-through rates were 4.2 percent for the first group and 3.2 percent for the second group.

Days of the Week

Timing refers not only to the time of day that you send emails but also the day of the week.

Open and click-through rates can vary significantly based on the day of the week you send your emails.

The Experian study showed that emails sent on Fridays had the highest click-through rates. However, those sent on Mondays got the highest ROI, suggesting that subscribers actually acted on the promotions rather than just clicking through and viewing them.

Though many marketers don’t think to send out collateral on the weekends, it turns out that may be a great time to do so. The study showed that there isn’t a high volume of emails being sent on the weekends, so emails that are sent tend to get higher open and click-through rates.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to schedule emails for the weekend with an email service. You can easily create a schedule that varies the delivery on some of these best days so you can determine what gets you the best results.

Mobile Users

More people are using their mobile devices to conduct business, check emails and go online, so it is important that you understand how these users vary from your desktop users.

The Experian study showed that 54 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, and an Exact Target study showed that the majority of emails are opened by mobile users between 9 p.m. and midnight.

This makes sense as it suggests that people are using their mobile phones and tablets to check email after they have left work or when they are sitting in bed at night.

You will need to keep this in mind and ensure that your messages are optimized for desktop and mobile users alike. Your site should also be ready to accommodate mobile users so that all elements are easily viewable and accessible.


The information found in these studies applies to email marketing as a whole, though not necessarily to your specific email marketing.

You may have an audience that has very different user behaviors. For example, if you create products and services for senior citizens, it is unlikely that they are awake and checking email in the middle of the night.

You need to conduct testing to find out the best times of day and times of the week for your specific audience. You can easily do this by segmenting your list and sending out the exact same email at different times on the same day. See what times perform best and then replicate this test across days.

It may take several weeks or even months before you can send enough emails to get conclusive data about the best times to send your emails, but the effort will be well worth it.

Once you know the right times to send emails, you can focus on determining the best headlines, content types and more to get the best results. Eventually, you will have a lean, mean email-marketing machine that gets great results with every email you send. You can then leverage your email marketing to promote new products and services, increase sales, and encourage customer loyalty, ensuring the long-term success of your brand.

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