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Want to jump straight to the answer? For the majority of companies, Brand24 will provide the most helpful features for improving customer experiences and for boosting the company’s online reputation.

A good reputation has always been the key to success for any organization. But generating a positive reputation is easier said than done.

The best reputation management software helps you monitor reviews, get more local customers, expand your social media reach, and more. Whether you’re building or repairing your reputation, the tools in this guide have you covered.

The Top 6 Best Reputation Management Software Tools

  1. Brand24 — Best overall reputation management software
  2. BirdEye — Best for monitoring customer reviews
  3. Podium — Best for improving customer review results
  4. — Best for understanding reputation levels
  5. Yext — Best for generating success with local searches
  6. Mention — Best for improving social media presence

#1 – Brand24 — Best Overall Reputation Management Software

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  • Easily monitor brand mentions
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Receive negative review alerts
  • Watch competitor performance

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Brand24 has an impressive level of versatility to serve the online reputation management needs of any sized company. It can help one keep an eye on their own reputation online and monitor the performance of competitors.

Users can specify keyword searches for social media, blogs, message boards, customer reviews, and other outlets. The keywords can involve a slogan or the company name. 

Brand24 will then search for any instances of those keywords and send alerts pertaining to them. In some instances, it may be helpful to search for keywords related to competitors, allowing the company to track competitor performance alongside their own.

With its system, Brand24 keeps track of all customer interactions, whether they’re negative, positive, or neutral. If desired, Brand24 will send alerts when it encounters a negative-tinted review or social media post, giving the company the ability to respond immediately.

Additionally, Brand24 can generate reports about the frequency of mentions, likes, and trending hashtags related to the company. This is a useful way to manage the penetration of a particular marketing campaign. 

In fact, Brand24 offers a feature where a company can measure the performance of two or more of its marketing campaigns to compare them, measuring which of its brand-related hashtags is performing better.

For those new to reputation management software, Brand24 offers a wide range of helpful features. It has multiple teaching tools and webinars to give customers the information they need to make the most of Brand24’s features.

Brand24 offers three pricing tiers ranging from $49 to $299 per month. Brand24’s pricing tiers allow for a different number of maximum keyword searches. Users can test the software for free during a trial period.

#2 – BirdEye — Best for Monitoring Customer Reviews

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