Getting traffic to your site is nice, but there’s not much of a point if those visitors don’t convert. There’s one tactic I use above all others to generate new leads: A lead magnet. They aren’t some newfangled tech trend. They’ve been an essential marketing tool for decades. With lead […]

When you’re trying to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads, the goal is to make your content as attractive as possible. After all, with so much competition out there, it’s important you stand out from the crowd and grab someone’s attention right away, right?  The answer’s yes! […]

Whether you’re starting a side hustle on your own or launching a full-time business with employees, operating remotely is appealing to many entrepreneurs for various reasons.  But taking your idea and turning it into a reality is a challenging step. You still need to legally register your business, file paperwork […]

Many marketers approach Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features from the wrong angle. Instead of asking what you can do to rank for SERP features, ask what SERP features can do to inform your content strategy. By flipping this thought process, you can build a successful content strategy that speaks […]